Make your own coffee scrub!

Coffee scrubs are an awesome and affordable way for anyone to maintain the condition of their skin during the blistering cold of London Winter. Many people claim different things about it, like that it is an effective way to get rid of cellulite, now I could not care less about that because I think everyone should be comfortable in the skin they are in. But I will not lie, after a body scrub your skin does feel incredibly revitalised and in the morning it really helps to get your blood circulation on point.

ORRR.. an inexpensive and lovingly handmade Christmas gift

Feel free to play around with the ingredients and substitute things when desired, I usually keep mine in a sealed jar for two weeks.


  • ¼ cup of brown sugar (or salt)

  • 1/4 cup of coconut oil (olive oil and avocado oil work just as well)

  • ¼ cup of coffee grounds (you can add more if you want a harsher exfoliant)

  • 1 tbs. Ground cinnamon (optional)

  • 1tbs. vanilla extract (optional)


Throw everything in and give it a good mix, voila!

PRO TIP: go to your friendly local neighbourhood cafe and ask if you can have their grounds at the end of the day 🙂


Coffee fact of the morning

Legend has it Ethiopian Shepherds only became curious of the berry after noticing the effect it had on their goats. After eating berries from the tree, the goats were noted to have been ‘dancing’ and did not sleep properly through the night. The Shepherds came up with all kinds of ways of consuming the berry to achieve the caffeinated effect and eventually after it travelling over different countries and continents it evolved into what we now know as coffee.


image via [The Water Guy]

In Depth

I am sometimes known for oversharing, but I do not believe that such a thing exists. Moodboarding is a fairly recent addiction of mine, and a great source of inspiration, unfortunately I can only share these with you guys because the other sources of my inspiration usually have to be experienced IRL. Here are the 3 mood boards that I used for the 3 photoshoots Muxima, Vicky Park and A Corner of The World. Enjoy the vibes!





As an ex-barista, I have worked at quite a few coffee shops. My all time favourite being Fika. Not only was it about one minute away from my house, but I got to meet some brilliant characters. One of them being Jay, who used to come in regularly. After a few conversations, including one involving cheese that lasted about an hour, I found out that Jay is a fashion photographer whose work I fell insanely in love with. Being a talented photographer and avid coffee drinker, I automatically thought of him when setting up the blog and thought it would be perfect to do a little Q&A. Despite his busy schedule he agreed and I could not be more excited to share this with ya’ll.
Photo by Jay McLaughlin © [@jaymclaughlin]

“You’ll rarely find me set up in a soulless coffee chain. In fact the chains are usually geared toward getting people in and out fast. I prefer somewhere a little bit more chilled.”

Photo by Jay McLaughlin © [@jaymclaughlin]

Q. Where did your initial interest in fashion photography come from?

A. When it comes to photography, pretty much all the imagery I’ve been drawn to and found inspiration from has been fashion. I was a teenager in the 90s when the supermodels were everywhere so this probably had a major influence on me.

Q. Has living in East London had any impact on your career?

A. Well I’m a photographer and I have a beard, so it’s pretty much law that I live in East London right? I’m not sure how much of an impact it’s had on my career. I do love it though.

Q. What does an average day in your life entail?

A.. There’s no such thing as an average day. That’s one of the things I love so much. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Q. You spend a fair portion of your time on your laptop, editing, sending emails everyday Fashion Photographer things. Do you prefer to work from coffeeshops? Why?

A. I’ve had an office before and sometimes I’m more than happy to work from home. That being said, editing, answering emails and doing all of the boring admin stuff can be quite solitary, so being able to relocate to somewhere with other people helps keep me sane! Plus good coffee keeps me going!

Photo by  Jay McLaughlin © [@jaymclaughlin]
Q. Have you ever been inspired by the interior surroundings of a coffee shop?

A. The atmosphere in a coffee shop certainly has an impact. You’ll rarely find me set up in a soulless coffee chain. In fact the chains are usually geared toward getting people in and out fast. I prefer somewhere a little bit more chilled.

Photo by  Jay McLaughlin © [@jaymclaughlin]
Q. Do you think that coffee or coffee shop culture have any relevance in the Fashion world?

A. You only have to look at street style photography to see how much of a role coffee has in fashion. Even in movies like Devil Wears Prada, coffee makes a key appearance. That being said, I do think we’re now experimenting more with coffee. It’s definitely still the fashionable drink, but with so many variations, people can do it their way… much like fashion.


Q.  Any tips for budding fashion photographers?

A. There are no secrets. Photograph what you like, the way you like, and then get as many people to see it as you can.


And with an Instagram feed that is that damn aesthetically pleasing, I understand why that has worked for Jay. Check his work out!





One of my favourite things about East London is the way it acts as a bridge between different cultures and communities. A Corner Of The World is a prime example of this, located on Bethnal Green Road, it has found its home nestled between traditional Asian tailors and cake shops. Your friendly glocal cafe doubling as a deli serving and selling all kinds of Portuguese and Spanish products

Soft Lady Would // Alia Wasfi ©
life as we throw it // Alia Wasfi ©
sas is the new class // Alia Wasfi ©

Inside the store you become cocooned into an atmosphere that is super friendly and colourful, as are the staff, whilst still being able to appreciate the liveliness of the graffiti and street art outside. There is a no nonsense approach to beverages, when I received my flat white I was not expecting that nutty goodness. It is an ideal place for people watching as it is directly on the outskirts of the busy-ness of Brick Lane and Shoreditch, yet able to dodge the negatives with distance. They embrace their environment one hundred percent and, disregarding the name, remind you that the world ain’t all that square.



medial plush // Alia Wasfi ©


sideshow // Alia Wasfi ©

Location: A Corner Of The World

253 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6DB

Model: Jasmine Lin


Creative Direction/Photography/Styling: Alia Wasfi



Screen Spots

Cafes have been gracing our screens and providing some of the most iconic scenes in film and TV for a great deal of time.

Now, I understand that that might be slightly biased because directors and producers are not reliant on the interiors of coffee shops as backdrops.


One of the most memorable coffee houses on TV, Central Perk, which I had not actually thought of, was where the cultish following of Friends would see their fave personalities, I would say about 60 % of the time.

Aesthetic appeal has become a must for coffeeshops. Especially in East London where there are all kind of different vibes that appeal to various people for different reasons. The industrial minimalist, cozy clutter or even nostalgic in the form of 80’s diners.



Vicky Park x Jess


I realize Victoria Park is not exactly a coffeeshop, but there is no scarcity in finding a great hot cup of joe in or around the park. Wherever you are, ten minutes in any direction and there you could be sippin’ caffeinated comfort.

Photography by: Tom As (C) -Rep It

From sprawling your post code in corrector fluid on your schoolbag to holding a tote with the Brick Lane sign on it. During my mornings spent at coffeeshops there is one thing that I have noticed about East Londoners, and that is that they love to represent the space they inhabit. 

Barüch is an independent boutique on Roman Road. Owned and run by incredible supermom Angela. Her store is an Afro-Scandi lifestyle boutique. Barüch have an eco-friendly approach to all areas of the store and stock a cute collection of minimalistic designs by Scandinavian labels and her own in house range of vibrant west african prints on contemporary cuts.

Photography by: Tom As (C) -Fire Dot Metal

After coming across Baruch, I really wanted to create something with the Vicky Park Boyfriend Sweatshirt by the Pavillion Cafe. The idea was to have stark contrast between the vibrant colours of some of the attire and location, to the greys of the sweater and the sweater weather as well for that matter. We went with nudes and peaches with a slight iridescence on the face for an early morning dew, it was also pretty early in the morning.

Hope ya’ll like these, stay blessed!

Photography By: Tom As -The Tealest


Photography By: Tom As -Cleo In Camo
Model: Jessica Shwyouh
Photographer: Tom As
MUA and Styling: Alia Wasfi

Location: Victoria Park (The Pavillion) & area surrounding

Coat: I Want To Be Cleopatra Jones Coat, Traffic People

Jumper: Barüch Vicky Park Boyfriend Sweatshirt, Barüch

Culottes: Barüch Twilight Print Culottes, Barüch

Socks: Ragyard
Shoes: Nike

Muxima x Aysia

Lucky as I am to be living in an area saturated with awesome places to go, I found Muxima. An independent local hub of Arts, Culture, exquisite food and of course, brilliant coffee.

Photographed by: Alia Wasfi //  Bargain Beauty

Muxima are incredibly in touch with the community and love to support all artists, hosting all kinds of different nights be it music, film or foodie events.


Located on Roman Road, it is a really interesting juxtaposition that transports you from the hustle and bustle of the market into what is probably the cosiest, most abstractly decorated living room ever. Sometimes I feel more home at Muxima than my own house.

Photographed By: Alia Wasfi // Nude Dreams

Household objects defying gravity and placed at strange angles, glass bottle chandeliers are all details adding to the central vibe of the space. Most of the furniture is upcycled and the colours go from dreamy pastels to bolder hues.

Photographed by: Alia Wasfi // We Are Gold

Styling and Photography: Alia Wasfi


MUA and Model: Aysia Bailey


Location: Muxima, 618 Roman Road, Bow, London E3 2RW


A Lil History about the East End

Living and working in the same area for over two years, I have been fortunate enough (or not?) to have had many conversations with such a diverse range of people, and most often that not, local regulars usually want to speak about something area related. Fair enough.

The consistent theme being that it has become ‘safer’, and/or that the only worry is the frightening amount of man-buns. With a history that is a rollercoaster of extreme change, East London is def. a survivor.