As an ex-barista, I have worked at quite a few coffee shops. My all time favourite being Fika. Not only was it about one minute away from my house, but I got to meet some brilliant characters. One of them being Jay, who used to come in regularly. After a few conversations, including one involving cheese that lasted about an hour, I found out that Jay is a fashion photographer whose work I fell insanely in love with. Being a talented photographer and avid coffee drinker, I automatically thought of him when setting up the blog and thought it would be perfect to do a little Q&A. Despite his busy schedule he agreed and I could not be more excited to share this with ya’ll.
Photo by Jay McLaughlin © [@jaymclaughlin]

“You’ll rarely find me set up in a soulless coffee chain. In fact the chains are usually geared toward getting people in and out fast. I prefer somewhere a little bit more chilled.”

Photo by Jay McLaughlin © [@jaymclaughlin]

Q. Where did your initial interest in fashion photography come from?

A. When it comes to photography, pretty much all the imagery I’ve been drawn to and found inspiration from has been fashion. I was a teenager in the 90s when the supermodels were everywhere so this probably had a major influence on me.

Q. Has living in East London had any impact on your career?

A. Well I’m a photographer and I have a beard, so it’s pretty much law that I live in East London right? I’m not sure how much of an impact it’s had on my career. I do love it though.

Q. What does an average day in your life entail?

A.. There’s no such thing as an average day. That’s one of the things I love so much. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Q. You spend a fair portion of your time on your laptop, editing, sending emails everyday Fashion Photographer things. Do you prefer to work from coffeeshops? Why?

A. I’ve had an office before and sometimes I’m more than happy to work from home. That being said, editing, answering emails and doing all of the boring admin stuff can be quite solitary, so being able to relocate to somewhere with other people helps keep me sane! Plus good coffee keeps me going!

Photo by  Jay McLaughlin © [@jaymclaughlin]
Q. Have you ever been inspired by the interior surroundings of a coffee shop?

A. The atmosphere in a coffee shop certainly has an impact. You’ll rarely find me set up in a soulless coffee chain. In fact the chains are usually geared toward getting people in and out fast. I prefer somewhere a little bit more chilled.

Photo by  Jay McLaughlin © [@jaymclaughlin]
Q. Do you think that coffee or coffee shop culture have any relevance in the Fashion world?

A. You only have to look at street style photography to see how much of a role coffee has in fashion. Even in movies like Devil Wears Prada, coffee makes a key appearance. That being said, I do think we’re now experimenting more with coffee. It’s definitely still the fashionable drink, but with so many variations, people can do it their way… much like fashion.


Q.  Any tips for budding fashion photographers?

A. There are no secrets. Photograph what you like, the way you like, and then get as many people to see it as you can.


And with an Instagram feed that is that damn aesthetically pleasing, I understand why that has worked for Jay. Check his work out!




2 thoughts on “Q&A WITH JAY

  1. Fab interview. Jay is very funny – i guess that’s key part of being a photographer with a beard who has to live by law in east london. I always assumed that in The Devil Wears Prada Starbucks had paid to be in the film – product placement – and that it didn’t entirely ring true. Surely the coffee was always cold by the time it got the top boss (Meryl Streep)? Sorry, slightly off topic.Nicola http://www.islingtonfacesblog.com

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    1. He is super funny, I didn’t think it translated as well when I typed it up. Yes definitely I agree that was definitely product placement, but I think the more it is used in that context it has paved way for something bigger in terms of coffee culture in the fashion industry, who knows haha.. Thanks for keeping up to date with the blog and I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Alia

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