One of my favourite things about East London is the way it acts as a bridge between different cultures and communities. A Corner Of The World is a prime example of this, located on Bethnal Green Road, it has found its home nestled between traditional Asian tailors and cake shops. Your friendly glocal cafe doubling as a deli serving and selling all kinds of Portuguese and Spanish products

Soft Lady Would // Alia Wasfi ©
life as we throw it // Alia Wasfi ©
sas is the new class // Alia Wasfi ©

Inside the store you become cocooned into an atmosphere that is super friendly and colourful, as are the staff, whilst still being able to appreciate the liveliness of the graffiti and street art outside. There is a no nonsense approach to beverages, when I received my flat white I was not expecting that nutty goodness. It is an ideal place for people watching as it is directly on the outskirts of the busy-ness of Brick Lane and Shoreditch, yet able to dodge the negatives with distance. They embrace their environment one hundred percent and, disregarding the name, remind you that the world ain’t all that square.



medial plush // Alia Wasfi ©


sideshow // Alia Wasfi ©

Location: A Corner Of The World

253 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6DB

Model: Jasmine Lin


Creative Direction/Photography/Styling: Alia Wasfi



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