Vicky Park x Jess


I realize Victoria Park is not exactly a coffeeshop, but there is no scarcity in finding a great hot cup of joe in or around the park. Wherever you are, ten minutes in any direction and there you could be sippin’ caffeinated comfort.

Photography by: Tom As (C) -Rep It

From sprawling your post code in corrector fluid on your schoolbag to holding a tote with the Brick Lane sign on it. During my mornings spent at coffeeshops there is one thing that I have noticed about East Londoners, and that is that they love to represent the space they inhabit. 

Barüch is an independent boutique on Roman Road. Owned and run by incredible supermom Angela. Her store is an Afro-Scandi lifestyle boutique. Barüch have an eco-friendly approach to all areas of the store and stock a cute collection of minimalistic designs by Scandinavian labels and her own in house range of vibrant west african prints on contemporary cuts.

Photography by: Tom As (C) -Fire Dot Metal

After coming across Baruch, I really wanted to create something with the Vicky Park Boyfriend Sweatshirt by the Pavillion Cafe. The idea was to have stark contrast between the vibrant colours of some of the attire and location, to the greys of the sweater and the sweater weather as well for that matter. We went with nudes and peaches with a slight iridescence on the face for an early morning dew, it was also pretty early in the morning.

Hope ya’ll like these, stay blessed!

Photography By: Tom As -The Tealest


Photography By: Tom As -Cleo In Camo
Model: Jessica Shwyouh
Photographer: Tom As
MUA and Styling: Alia Wasfi

Location: Victoria Park (The Pavillion) & area surrounding

Coat: I Want To Be Cleopatra Jones Coat, Traffic People

Jumper: Barüch Vicky Park Boyfriend Sweatshirt, Barüch

Culottes: Barüch Twilight Print Culottes, Barüch

Socks: Ragyard
Shoes: Nike

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